Free time activities in Lana and surroundings

Hiking, biking, mountainbiking, nordic walking or swimming in Lana and surroundings - South Tyrol - Südtirol is really a paradise for all sport friends!


When the temperature soars and the body cries out for relief, nothing compares with plunging into a swimming pool. Almost every village in South Tyrol - Südtirol has an open air swimming pool with water parks, slides, springboards, extensive lawns and shade trees. Especially the wonderful lakes in South Tyrol are perfect destinations for families and romantics.

Hiking in Lana

Here in Lana and surroundings you find varied possibilities to hike. Promenades with wonderful views, sunny slopes for enjoyable walking, paths along irrigation channels for families and relaxing walking (one of them is directly under our house!) and of course marked tours and paths for high fliers.

Biking and mountainbiking

Bike through flowery orchards and vineyards in Lana and explore the beautiful nature and landscapes. Here in South Tyrol - Südtirol you find an extended bicycle-net, varied tracks to high alpine pastures and marvelous passes (Dolomites...). It offers all imaginable ingredients for a perfect cycling holiday full of adventures!

During your holiday you can charge your e-bikes in our closable bikegarage.


Have you also dreamed about the boundless liberty? Then float over the green valleys and enjoy the silence and the panorama view like a bird! Professional instructors can teach you paragliding and also fly in tandem with you. Those who already have the licence to fly by their one can rend the hole equipment.