Events in Lana and Merano

Lana in bloom
01.04. - 30.04.2024

When the snow still caps the mountains, spring comes to the valley and thousands of blooming orchards appear like a sea of blossom!
In this time Lana celebrates its Blossom festival. The local tourist association has prepared a range of events for these weeks of the Blossom festival in Lana.

Lana 23 - Long shopping evenings
27.06. - 15.08.2024

Specially in the warm summer nights, the center of Lana is full of life and invite you to make an evening shopping trip while the shops have extended opening.
During late shopping, different bands will play music and many gastronomy stalls present their lokal specialities.

Traditional grape festival in Merano
18.10. - 20.10.2024

The traditional grape festival in Merano is a must for all cultural enthusiasts: parade through the town with concerts of many village bands, groups in traditional costumes and decorated carriages - various concerts on the Kurpromenade.

Chestnut fair in Völlan and Tisens
20.10. - 03.11.2024

The chestnut fair is one of our traditional celebrations here in Lana and surroudings. Learn all there is to know about the chestnut's significance from woodland to kitchen and discover old reciepes. Culture, gastronomy and tradition meet in this special event!